Monday, August 4, 2014

Lughnasadh 2014

Bare with me on the layout as I slowly get it customized. 

We had a lovely Lughnasadh. I'm not the type do big elaborate rituals. I never had been that type. I've been trying to include my children in small activities lately. So we decided to make a Corn Dolly together. I'll be honest and say I have never made one. 
We used materials we gathered from the garden with the exception of the feathers. I had them left over from a craft project.

We ended up hanging our corn dolly in the garden with hopes she will bless the rest of our harvest

We spent a lot of time in the garden. As you can see the corn is growing well. Everything is growing well except for the pumpkins. I think the rabbits did too much damage and I don't think we'll end up with a single pumpkin this year. 

Keeping the corn safe from pests

I also finally got a chance to freeze our first batches of yellow squash and zucchini

I have to admit the day after Lughnasadh that I stopped at a store and grabbed a few fall decorations.

  I love fall and I have a slight addiction to pumpkins

How pretty does it look lit up?

I haven't started pulling the Fall or Halloween decorations out of the basement and I've only put out what I recently bought so hopefully I'm not that bad yet :)

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  1. Hello lovely! Gorgeous new blog, can't wait to see how your magickal and spiritual journey unfolds ;)